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Field of Indian Paintbrush and Black-eyed Susan flowers in the Texas Hill Country

Why is this image a top seller?

I sold this image as a fine art print 3 times in the past week. It has been a good seller ever since I took it in 2016, selling dozens of times in the year since I made the image.
This week I began wondering what has made this image so popular?
Looking back I can remember very distinctly when I made the image and a bit of the thought process that went into it.

It was just a few hours after sunrise and I was standing on the side of a hill that was covered with flowers boulders and cactus. I was overwhelmed by the layers of color and I wanted to portray that in an almost abstract way. I could also see the potential for a hint of an S curve composition. There was a large tree to the left and a jumble of boulders to the right that limited opportunities for a horizontal image. So I decided to position myself where I could get as much of the feeling of the layers of color and the sense of sweeping curves while not introducing the distractions present on either side into the image. I used my trusty 90mm tilt/shift lens to keep everything sharp front to back. The creative process itself brings joy and a sense of flow and fulfillment to me. When that process can also bring joy into the lives of the viewers that is the ultimate outcome to me.

If you are interested in learning more about composition, using lenses creatively, and making prints please consider joining us for the Big South Fork Fall Photography Workshop, October 26-29th, 2017 that I will be leading with Ron Rice.
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Below is the printed and coated canvas on the work table:

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When people first see this abstract looking image they often think that the colors were manipulated in photoshop. Far from it. In fact, getting these kind of results depends on learning to see the colors as your camera sees them. In this example, the color of the leaves is influenced by the blue tones of light in the shade and the sky. The water is reflecting the color of the fall foliage still on the trees. If you use auto white balance settings on your camera this color would be “balanced” out of the image. I used daylight white balance when I created this image which captured the tones as I wanted .

I created this image at Big South Fork NRA which is the site of a workshop this Fall, October 26-29th, 2017 that I will be leading with Ron Rice. For more details click HERE.

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The verdict is in and evidence-based design clearly indicates that artwork that features medium distance nature landscapes, actually reduces blood pressure and speeds the healing process. Also, less pain medicine is required to keep patients comfortable. This type of imagery has the added benefit of having a calming effect on patients, employees and visitors.

Here are a few of our top selling Spring images, that fills the prescription:


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Expand Your Vision, Photograph and Print at the Big South Fork Fall Photography Workshop! October 26-29 2017
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Come explore the mysterious Everglades with Byron Jorjorian and Ron Rice. The Everglades is “the” classic swamp location of the US and offers some of the most concentrated and diverse wildlife photographic possibilities, as well as endless opportunities for moody landscapes and abstracts in the country.

Following our dinner and orientation on Thursday evening, we will spend two and a half days in the field, winding up on Sunday at 1 pm. You will be shooting morning and evening in the field, and then during the day when the light is not at its best, we will have photo exercises and training on composition, lighting and technique. These exercises and field classes are designed to improve your artistic and technical mastery no matter what your skill level.

Everglades Workshop Bonus!  Byron’s Workflow Basics:  Learn how Byron’s Image Management and backup system works from the field and back to the office. You will also learn how he has incorporated Lightroom into this workflow. Armed with this knowledge you can incorporate all or parts of the system into your own image management workflow. Learn how Byron manages his catalog of over 400,000 photographs.

In the interest of giving our workshop clients our full attention while in the field, we do not shoot for our own personal use.

(Food and accommodations not included, but we will provide you with hotel recommendations when you sign up.)

Your Instructors:

Byron has over 400,000 images to his name, having over 12,000 images published worldwide (National Geographic, Audubon Field Guides, Smithsonian Books, etc.), and having 22,000 fine art prints installed across the nation, he strives to share the vision of his journey with others. He was also featured in the book The Best of Nature Photography – Images and Techniques from the Pros and has been named one of the top 40 Nature Photographers worldwide.

Ron has worked for the better part of the past 30 years in the photo industry and he has been deeply influenced and mentored by many iconic photographers of our time. Ron is passionate about nature photography, helping others and is an outstanding photographer in his own right.

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We are announcing two additional workshops that Byron and Ron Rice are leading in 2017, in the Off The Beaten Path Photo Workshops series.
We just had a successful Art of Macro Photography workshop at Henry Horton State Park and wanted to offer the workshop in a different time of year; with more dew, spider webs and Macro opportunities in an updated format.
Art of Macro Photography Workshop – Sept. 8th & 9th, 2017
Byron will be discussing techniques, theories and some of his own personal tips for creating incredible macro images.
For more info and to sign up:
We also wanted to offer the Big South Fork Photography workshop at a different time of year, with beautiful Fall color and to visit some new locations!
Big South Fork Photography Workshop in the Fall – Oct. 26th – 29th, 2017
In addition to the stunning photographic opportunities at this location in the Fall, we will offer:
***Two Added Bonuses: Learn Byron’s Workflow Basics and Making a Fine Art Print

Learn how Byron’s Image Management and backup system works from the field and back to the office. You will also learn how Byron has incorporated Lightroom into this workflow. Armed with this knowledge you can incorporate all or parts of his system into your own image management workflow.

An exciting new addition to this workshop is learning to make your own fine art prints. After our critique, you will each choose one of your images from the weekend and learn how to set it up for printing and actually make a print to take home!
For more info and to sign up:
Then, don’t forget Little River Canyon!  It is coming up soon!
Little River Canyon Photography Workshop – August 25 – 27, 2017
***Added Bonus: Learn Byron’s Workflow Basics.

Learn how Byron’s Image Management and backup system works from the field and back to the office. You will also learn how Byron has incorporated Lightroom into this workflow. Armed with this knowledge you can incorporate all or parts of his system into your own image management workflow.

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of these workshops.
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My passion for photography has always been linked to discovery. Discovering new places, new ways of seeing and exploring paths of creative expression. Recently I have begun deeply exploring a more abstract nature image than I have pursued in the past. Here are a few examples of what I have been up  to.

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We are currently printing and coating 52 canvas prints for another project that we are working on. We print them with a mixed lighting profile (so they will look good under various lighting conditions). Then Triple UV coat them for extra protection and to make sure that the color won’t fade.

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Above is a photograph of a 7 foot gallery wrapped canvas in the process of printing for one of our clients in Minnesota. We are printing a lot of canvases for our clients but it is always fun to take a break to see an image that I saw just a few months ago through the viewfinder of my camera actually appear in print.

We print on all sorts of substrates including wood, acrylic, glass and metal. More on that in an upcoming post.

We triple coat our canvases to insure they are protected against the color fading effects of UV light and the occasional bump, scrape, or fingerprint (which can be wiped off with a soft cloth).

Print Ready for coating below:

More canvases awaiting coating from another project:

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I was struck by the patterns that the shadows and rock formations created in the morning here. This is one of several abstracts I created that morning.