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Thursday, February 18th, 2010 | Author:


Our friend Barbara Markoff, owner of Artrageous! in San Diego, has written a book titled, “Becoming a Corporate Art Consultant, the Handbook for Corporate Art Consultation.”

With very little information available on how to sell art programs to corporate clients, Barbara felt compelled to write a book on the subject and share her 29 years of experience.  Topics include

how to locate and work with artists, find leads, make presentations, write proposals, maintain client relationships, join the right networking groups, showcase the artwork with appropriate

framing design, and how to install artwork.  This book will be a valuable resource for all interested in selling art programs to corporate clients.

Barbara, a former art therapist, has been in the art and framing industry for almost 3 decades.  She has developed  over 400 art programs nationwide.   Her clients include a wide cross section of industries including healthcare, hospitality, law, education, commercial real estate, biotechnology, telecommunications, sports teams, and banking.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 | Author:

We all have a favorite piece of nature photography that we love, or home decor photos that we want to display to beautify our homes and just simply enjoy.  Some of us are collectors and buying that next gorgeous piece of art photography that we’ve found is just too hard to resist.  But now we are left with the question of what to do with it all.  We only have so much wall space, right?  Well the good news is, there are a number of ways to display these cherished pieces without taking up every square inch of wall space.  When you need something a little different, be sure to try out one of these cool ideas for getting your art off the wall!


© Byron Jorjorian

One obvious solution that has become very popular is to display art on a shelf.  There are even specially designed shelves available that have an edge on the front to keep your art from sliding off.  Arrange a single photo or an arrangement on a shelf and see how effective it is.

Take a hint from the artist himself, and try displaying a piece of art on a freestanding easel.  An unused corner of space can suddenly become the focal point of the room.  Easels come in a variety of materials from shiny aluminum to highly polished ebony.  Choose an easel that compliments your art and matches your room for a very dramatic effect.

Another thing to do when using photos for decorating is to try and downsize your prints somewhat so they can be placed on bookshelves or other decorative shelving.  Arranging a few photographs among the spines is a great way to break up the monotony of a bookshelf.

Try putting some art in chunky freestanding frames that can sit proudly on a piano, in a curio cabinet or even on open kitchen cabinets.  After all, looking at our art gives us pleasure and should be all around us.

Large pieces of framed art can even be displayed on the floor.  Lean a large picture against the wall and arrange some smaller pieces in front.  This type of display is especially effective with country style frames in a more rustic setting.  Create a little vignette by adding a vase, sculpture or other decorative piece to the arrangement of pictures.

Floor screens that are designed to hold photos or art are another option for displaying pictures once your walls are full.  The advantage of one of these types of frames is that they allow you to display a large number of photos in one place.

If you’re both an art collector and a craftsman, you may want to create a table that displays some of your favorite pieces.  For this, your art is displayed under a piece of glass that is fitted to the top of your coffee table.  Instead of picking up that coffee table book, you can admire your mini art collection every time you sit down to relax!

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