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Often when I travel to a location I have some idea of what I will see and at least rough image concepts in mind. Recently, I traveled to Nevada to attend a trade show in Las Vegas. I was not expecting to have a lot of time to explore and create photographs. As a result I didn’t spend much time planning out a photographic safari. After I arrived in Vegas and had my schedule for the week, I realized I could probably squeeze in a couple of hours of photography each day. I photographed quite a few different subjects in the desert but somehow the multicolored rocks I found in the Valley of Fire State Park captured my imagination. Creating these fine art abstract images was especially exciting because I went with no preconceived ideas of what I was looking for.The light, the interesting rock formations and my whims were the guide.

Maybe having no creative plan can be a plan. I went into the desert with an open mind and heart and let whatever caught my eye begin the creative process. Over the next few weeks I will share a number of the images I created on this trip. This is the first one.

Photograph © Byron Jorjorian


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