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For various reasons, most of us are timid when it comes to arranging art on our walls.  We love to use photos for decorating, whether they are our own or purchased art, but we tend to procrastinate before getting out that hammer and hangers.  It is a fear definitely born out of uncertainty.  What if we don’t like where we put them?  What if we make a mistake and make all those holes for nothing?  How can we be sure they won’t be too high or too low? What if they just plain don’t look right? Here are some simple guidelines to making the home decor photos that you want to display end up arranged just the way you want them.

1.    Before beginning, try to visualize the end design.  Some people cut out paper shapes that match their art pieces and do a mock arrangement on the wall to test it out.

2.    Art should be hung at “eye” level.  Obviously everyone’s eyes are not at the same level so an average rule of thumb is between 54 and 57 inches from the floor.  Art is generally hung a little lower in dining rooms where most of the time is spent seated.

3.    Arrange similarly framed pieces together for a formal presentation, and mismatched frames for a more casual look, but all the frames in an arrangement should complement each other in some way.

4.    If you are hanging a single picture over a piece of furniture, the art should not be wider than the piece.  Half the width of the furniture is ideal.


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5.    Smaller home decoration photos look best arranged together rather than grouping with larger pieces.

6.    Pictures should be hung no closer than three inches together and no farther apart than eight inches.

7.    When arranging art over a table, remember to hang it so that the bottom pictures are not blocked by items that will be sitting on the table.

8.    The “heavier” pieces of art should be placed in the bottom of the arrangement.  Heavy can refer to the size, framing materials or even the color of the photograph.

9.    Art arrangements do not need to be symmetrical.  Here’s where using the paper shapes you’ve cut out can help you choose the best layout for the wall you are decorating.

10.    Finally, remember this is your art.  You are the one who is going to be looking at it the most.  Arrange it in a way that you like and that will make you smile every time you’re in the room.

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