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Leaves on a moss covered rock under water in a stream #100608-342
Fall is one of my favorite seasons for photography. Each year I plan a trip to follow the changing colors as they roll south. This year is no exception. I am currently in the Smoky Mountains after hitting two other locations further north earlier this week. Next week will be southern Tennessee, north Alabama and Georgia. In the next few weeks I will begin posting some of the photographs from this season. The photograph above I made last year in Vermont.

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  1. I also love shooting in the fall and was also in the Smokies the weekend of Oct 30, 2009. It would have been great to see you by coincidence there. Byron I’d love to follow you as an unpaid intern when I can. You have so much knowledge to share and I adore your work. You are my role model in photography and I aspire to produce work as fine as yours.
    Best, Donnie Weaver

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    Thanks so much for the kind words, Donnie.

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