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Silvanus Abstract of trees reflecting in the surface of a river in the fall Image # 110108-105

I usually blog about nature and my photographic art but I just had to take a moment to recognize the outstanding musical art created by Zoë Keating. She is a superb classically trained cello player who uses a process she refers to as layering to build mesmerizing soundscapes. She creates these layers upon layers of music from snippets of her playing recorded by her computer and then played back while she is performing. All in realtime! It is a process not totally unlike what I as a photographic artist do in Photoshop to finish an image in layers. Her pieces often sound like an entire orchestra even though they originate entirely from her cello, her computer scripts and her mindboggling sense of timing. I highly recommend her music for anyone.

What does this have to do with my photographic art? I find that listening to music as I prepare for my photography gets my creative juices flowing. Zoë’s music is my go to choice to set the stage for my photographic image creation!

Visit her web site HERE

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