Art Photography - How Art Photography Can Make a Hotel, Restaurant or Hospital Space Stand Out

picSome of the most difficult spaces in interior design decoration are hotels, restaurants and hospitals.  It is easy to identify a typical painting fit for a hotel or hospital room; normally the cheap landscape without any meaning and a dull presence against a wall. 

No matter the place, any and every piece chosen to decorate it must have a meaning, and it must enrich, soothe and delight its viewers.  One great decorative solution to achieve this is art photography

It has been proven that the sight of beauty calms the spirit, rejuvenates it and strengthens the mind and body, thus, places where lots of people come and go, and even more if they have health problems, are great places to showcase inspiring art photography pieces.  The value of an art piece is in the lives it touches, in the dreams it inspires, and in the connections it creates.    

picThrough art photography, you can calm patients and their loved ones, bring peace, beauty, and shine to those who spend extended periods in a hospital.  It doesn’t have to be a gloomy place just because it tends to the ill, much to the contrary, it should bring hope, light and happiness to a troubled spirit.  You can also create a special atmosphere at a restaurant or hotel, be it elegant, funny, romantic, or any other appropriate theme atmosphere.  Art photography goes beyond the eye, it is through it that art reaches the soul and becomes feeling. 

Art photography is an inexpensive and classy way to stand out from the array of common and unfortunate décor choices of hotels, restaurants and hospitals everywhere. 

Art photography has become a very flexible tool for decorating, but what exactly is it?  Simply stated, it is art based on photographs instead of paintings.  The professional art photographer’s eye sees “out of the box”.  A person, a building, a site, nature, a detail, or an animal will be captured with the right lighting and in the right angle to produce a beautiful and meaningful piece of art.  And today it is easier than ever; the digital world and the Internet allow photographers to take pictures anywhere and at any time, and to easily get rid of what doesn’t work. 

Art photography is an instantaneous and rich way to give meaning to empty walls.  You can browse through millions of art photography collections online to find what suits your space and the feeling you want to convey.  As you know, some of these photographs are as beautiful as very expensive art pieces, but you can get them for a fraction of the cost of original artwork.

picThere are endless themes and photographers are ready to help you create the feeling you wish to achieve.  Art photography has a healing effect; it relieves stress and restores balance to face today’s fast-paced world.  Art photography commonly inspires conversations and curiosity; the key is to find what really works for the space.

When looking for art photography, research a photographer who specializes in the themes you require to work the space.  Once you choose the right photographer, you have the advantage that you can work on a space with him/her to get the exact photographs you need.

At, you may browse through photographs easily, to select any photo you like in the size you need it.  We offer you a theme, a color scheme or a mood setting based on unique photographs that harmonize with each other.

Byron Jorjorian specializes in art photography of the natural world.  For more than thirty years, he has been showing his personal view of nature and how it communicates with us through abstracts, textures, colors, shapes, positions and backgrounds. 

Byron Jorjorian Art Photography offers a great platform to work with trade professionals, giving them complete support when dealing with any project, be it small or big.  If you are a trade professional, discover the benefits of working with us, or contact us at any time with your questions and comments.  We are open to help you in any way we can; tell us what you need and we will tell you how we can help.

The secret to using art photography in decoration strives in giving each photograph a personality among the whole; each piece possesses a meaning that complements the furniture, the colors, the linens, and the people using that space.  When you work with Byron and you explain your needs, his job is to guide you through his art until you find what works with the space you are designing, or he is ready to go out and look for what you need.

Byron wakes up the senses; he shows us another side of nature, the hidden intimate side that is right there, waiting to be discovered and taken advantage of in the benefit of the viewer.  You are welcomed into the private life of nature, its intimacy and connection with other life forms.  Through nature art photography, a person can get in touch with his/her origins, the origin of life itself, the source of what is pure and real in this world.  It is a gift to be in the presence of such beauty and an honor to be able to present it to the world in the right way.

Bring nature into any space in a unique and different way; play with nature’s colors, textures and moods to bring out a feeling of peace, joy, connection, balance and love.  Browse through our unique photographs and bring a piece of heaven into every room; share it with others, and contribute to their inner beauty.

We provide the images; you make them special.