Seeing Involves More Than The Eyes

Photography has reached a critical point in its history, one that threatens to make photographers lose sight of what really matters when shooting fine photography.

Today’s digital era is intensively focused on the technology that is being developed to shoot fine photography rather than on developing a vision for it, this is, learning to see what is worth photographing.  There is no real sense in shooting an incredibly sharp photograph if its concept is blurry, vague, to the point where the image will be meaningless to others in every way.

So, why is it that everyone is so strongly devoted to advertising about the latest equipment instead of looking into the techniques and valuable ways of seeing the world?  Well, it is because it is easier to do so.

For many, something is very clear and is set in stone; any photographer who prides himself for shooting fine photography must know the basic photographic techniques and must use the latest equipment out there, because this equipment produces fine photography.  And here is where the trap is!

Of course, a good camera and good lenses will produce photographs of superior technical quality and it is obvious that in order to take good photos you must have basic photographic knowledge, however, fine photography is not measured in line pairs per millimeter, MTF functions, S/N calculations, or any other of the infinite calculations being advertised out there. 

The best instruments a professional photographer owns, which are the ones that really create fine photography are: his eyes, his brain and his heart.  Customers will want to know which camera and lenses were used, but this will not contribute in any way to the esthetic appreciation of the photograph being observed. 

At a fine photography exhibit, you will never see a display or explanation of the type of equipment used, and this is because fine photography is an art, and no one wants to be reminded that such beautiful art is linked to high technology and “tricks”, specially the artist.  Everyone wants to feel inspired, touched and awed by the magic a person is capable of creating.

This magic only comes with vision, comes from learning how to see, and this requires lots of work.  In fact it is as difficult to learn as it is to teach, so, how should it be approached?  It is not something that is learned in a week, or a year, or even a lifetime.  It is a journey that only the ones who devote themselves to photography, who make it a way of life, and who feel the calling, will follow and eventually learn.

If you are either the photographer or the observer, a vision for fine photography starts being developed by looking at photographs.  Look everywhere, websites, books, stores, magazines, TV and galleries.  Study the images and ask yourself what is it that captures your attention? The light, the colors, the subject, the composition, all of them, or something else?  Does it inspire you or cause you to despair? 

In order to learn about a photographer’s vision it is necessary to understand other works of art.  Look at paintings, lithographs, and others, and try to identify what styles and periods attract you.  Look for what excites you in the art pieces; in this way you will start understanding how you, personally, view things, and you can even discover new ways of seeing something.

If there is a genuine interest in fine photography as a decorating element, and even to learn a lot about how photography and interior design relate, it is a good idea to take a workshop, seminar or course that explores creativity and allows for critical feedback.  There is no better way to enrich your career than learning about complementing areas and activities. 

Talk to photographers, explore their work and technique, ask everything you want to know about the fine photography they offer, a professional will be extremely excited to let you into his passion’s process, to tell you what inspires him, what he believes in and how he has gotten to this point.  

Byron Jorjorian is a fine photography artist who has been capturing the natural world for more than thirty years.  His attraction towards nature and its magic has taken him to many corners of the world and much deeper into its secrets. 

When you visit Byron's website you will be transported to the intimacy with nature and all it has to offer in regards to beauty, mystery and wisdom.  It is very clear how his vision will enrich and transform a living space, conveying a message of harmony, love, peace and life.

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Please feel free to browse around our website, enjoy Byron’s work, learn what we stand for and eventually contact us if you feel inclined to do so. We will be more than happy to talk to you about your projects, concerns and ideas.  We are proud of our achievements in the fine photography industry, we are proud of our customer’s projects and our involvement in them, we are proud of nature and its wisdom, and we are thankful that it has opened its doors¾ or in other words, petals, waters, hills, and more¾ to us, in order to bring it to the viewers in a very personal way, in a very humble, yet wise way, in short, the purest way.