The Two Letters That Rule Fine Photography Art: ‘P’ & ‘L’

You must find it weird that two letters can rule a whole branch of the arts, but they do.  Nowadays it is very simple to take a picture, however, true fine photography art is very difficult to achieve.

Professional photographers must think their art as much as they perform it.  They have to deeply analyze why they do what they do, in other words, what are their motivations, their desires, their intentions; and how they can arm themselves mentally to cope with the challenges ahead, challenges that only the ones looking to produce fine photography art will encounter.

In reality, the letter ‘P’ and the letter ‘L’ are just a way to easily remember some basic principles that go hand in hand with what fine photography art stands for and thus, are vital for its achievement.

The importance of the ‘P’:

Planning: Fine photography art does not appear from the void.  Just picking up a camera and heading out the door will more likely get you a newspaper and a donut instead of your dream photograph.  Fine photography art does not stumble on you while you are walking down the road, you must know what you are going to photograph, where you are going to do it, and how it will happen.  You do not have to know every single detail, but you should envision enough so that you know what you are in pursuit of, where are you headed to find it, and how will you work with it once you find it.  Obviously, you also need the right equipment, skills and experience to produce what you envisioned.

Perception: You must learn to “see” a fine photography art image.  Photography involves a lot of extraction, and you have to identify what elements contribute to the image’s power and which ones don’t.  “Seeing” is the most difficult thing to learn in photography, but it can be learned, if you devote yourself to looking and studying images, be it photos, paintings or drawings, from different artists.  Establish why those images work, why they appeal to you and others, and eventually you will develop Perception.

Perseverance: You can photograph hundreds, even thousands of images, and still you may not get your dream fine photography art shot.  Even famous photographers, the most skilled in the field, may get only one worthy image out of a month’s work.  So get shooting, and shooting, and shooting…

The importance of the ‘L’:

Light: It is to fine photography art what water is to life.  Without light there is no photography, however, it is the quality of that light what separates a frog from a prince.  The light gives texture and sets the mood, thus, studying and understanding light is imperative.

Location: Especially for nature fine photography art, location is of universal importance.  The photographer must be where the images are, these will not run to meet him; he has to know where to find them and how to reach them.  The professional becomes the “Sherlock Holmes” for fine photography art, following clues, looking at the smallest details, and eventually catching the one responsible, in our case, shooting it! 

Luck: Some say luck is to be “prepared in the face of opportunity”, and it surely is true.  When someone thinks a photographer was ‘very lucky’ to get that very special shot, one worthy of the fine photography art award, they are very wrong.  Luck alone had nothing to do with it. That amazing image was created because a professional photographer was using the right equipment, had the right skills, was in the right place at the right time, and was able to “see”.  How lucky is that?

You can understand now why fine photography art is such a valuable element for interior design and the communication of feelings and sensations.  Byron Jorjorian Fine Photography Art is a company devoted to shooting nature photography in line with the ‘P’s and ‘L’s that rule fine photography art.  Byron, who has over thirty years of experience in the field, carefully shoots and selects every image to convey the intimacy of nature and its connection to humans and their essence of life.

If a space is meant to be special, it must come alive, and fine photography art does just that.  Want a cozy space, an elegant atmosphere, a harmonious feeling, a peaceful retreat?  What better way to convey those feelings than through the elements whose whole existence is defined by them?  Everything comes from nature and eventually will go back to it, just take a look.

In these times, when people are longing to go back to their origins, to their connection with life, we want to work hand in hand with trade professionals to get to the core, to deliver their message in an exact way and be as helpful as possible in every project we accept.   

We encourage you to look around our galleries, have fun and imagine how Byron’s fine photography art can complement your project.  We are here to talk to you and answer your inquiries anytime, contact us and let us be a part of your success; we sure want you to be a part of ours!