Buy Art Photography - The Role of Pre-Visualization Before You Buy Art Photography for an Interior Design Project

picThere is a clear difference between pre-visualizing and daydreaming.  When you daydream, you imagine a perfect scenario for a given situation and you hope it manifests itself as if by magic.  Pre-visualization has to be developed; it is one step further in the artistic journey, and a skill that will ultimately become very useful.  When you get there, pre-visualization will not be like daydreaming about the perfect space and the perfect design.  It will be very helpful, and will take into account the utilization of all the different elements, tools and options that you may have when designing an interior space, to achieve a winning final product, as it is critical for finishing details like art photography.  The more you get involved in your passion, the easier pre-visualization becomes.

Worthy pre-visualization depends on the knowledge you have of the space, its use, the conditions, environment, and people that inhabit it.  It is vital to know everything:  what the space is needed for, what its main function is, how much natural light it gets, how the client feels about it, how you feel about it, how many walls there are, how tall the walls are, etc.

picSuccessful pre-visualization will come as you get to know the space and its owner, and it is then and only then, that you should start acting.  Start working on the space and its details, and only when you’re certain about everything, buy art photography that works right.  Art photography is a powerful decoration element that gains meaning from its surrounding. The only way to make the right decision to buy art photography is if you have consciously and deeply grasped the concept of what you are creating. 

There can be levels of success when pre-visualizing.  You can get very good at it when thinking about creating a certain type of space, let’s say restaurants, for example.  If you have been designing them for years, you are at the point where it is easy for you to see what will work before you get it done, no matter how different the projects are or were.  However, if you decide to take on a hospital project, then you must explore the spaces carefully for the first time. You should research and feel the place from several points of view, and your pre-visualization capacity will be affected by the new environment.  You have to agree that your choice to buy art photography in both cases may end up being very different, but your choices must be equally impeccable.

picPre-visualization is very much affected by the tools you have at your disposal, or the ones you require, to create a specific space.  Whether you are, or are not, able to utilize color and textures freely, buy art photography or any other type of quality art, take advantage of natural light or different kinds of it, these are all examples of crucial factors that will affect your pre-visualization of a given space. 

Of course, you may master some aspects of pre-visualizing faster than others; let’s say it is very easy for you to visualize color in a room, however, you may need more time to decide when to buy art photography to accentuate the space.

Pre-visualization is a fundamental step in the interior design process.  Within time, it becomes natural and automatic, but not less important and decisive.  A good pre-visualization communicates success prior to its achievement and this translates into a feeling of security that brings a lot into the final result.  Naturally, there will always be that special detail that was a last minute inspiration or the discovery of a hidden treasure while you buy art photography, but pre-visualizing the space opens you and makes you receptive to those natural instants of brilliance.

picPre-visualization is a skill worth developing and is one that professional photographers, just like any other artist, must work on, and if you need to buy art photography, make sure you contact a photographer with experience.  Byron Jorjorian has been capturing nature images for over thirty years.  His work speaks for itself, the care he puts in his work is visible in his galleries, where thousands of images delight us with their vibrant colors, enigmatic shades, sensitive textures, enchanting composition, exquisite detail and, most of all, their aliveness. 

As an interior designer, when you buy art photography, you buy reality that inspires, that moves, that makes people react.  All this is what we offer in our website.  Browse the endless categories of images and pick the ones that you have envisioned for your space. We know you will find them here, among nature photographs.  Even better, if you are a trade professional with an important project in your hands, be it small or big, we offer you an interesting package of benefits and services to simplify your work and help you buy art photography that has a meaning.

We welcome you to look into Byron Jorjorian Photography and to contact us with your inquiries; we are here to talk to you any time.  Because we know our business, we understand yours, and we know that when you buy art photography, it is meant to last and touch souls; this has always been Byron’s vision, or shall we say, pre-vision?