Photos Interior Design - The Vision behind Photos for Interior Design

picInterior design and photography are industries that have a great deal in common; they are all about inspiration and creativity, which becomes the vision of what your work should be.  Without vision, a photographer or interior designer will not create, but merely capture common images or set up ordinary spaces.  A vision provides a meaning, a feeling that transcends the eye and becomes a message.

Many have stated the importance of vision based on their life experiences. Helen Keller said, “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision”; then there is Jonathan Swift’s definition of vision: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

To have vision is to have insight, to have the ability to see what is neglected by others, because it belongs in your imagination, it grows deep inside you.  Vision is abstract until you make it come alive through creative work; and all photos for interior design must express your vision as well as the client’s, in order to convey the desired message.

The clarity of your vision will determine how successful you are in understanding the client’s personality and imprinting it throughout a space.  Photos for interior design express something otherwise invisible; they bring poetry into the space.  Vision demands commitment to the art in order to make it available to others, since its message is only valid when transmitted and shared. 

picPhotos for interior design are not just images; they possess a special meaning for the viewer, as you understand him.  You know what moves him, what he believes in, what he feels and how he sees the world, because you have a clear vision, you see “out of the box” and you are not afraid.

Photos for interior design are a way to make your vision a reality, to put it out there for others to enjoy and identify with, and thus, only you can create your vision.  For some it is easy, for others it is not, but it is a personal journey that involves a lot of thinking as much as creating.  It is not just about creating photos for interior design, it is about thinking and reflecting on those photos and the place they will take within a space.  You must learn to think critically, to think out of the box, in order to reach a creative point and achieve being different.  You must think about what others have done in order to come up with original views, a new way to use those photos for interior design.

picIt is very important for your vision, to remember where you come from, what your points of reference and your roots are, in order to define where you want to go.  The right photos for interior design are just a consequence of staying true to your passion, to always remembering why you love decorating spaces, to always remembering that your passion should be your guiding light. What you may perceive as your vision, coming from balance in a space, may become something deeper in the end. Maybe it is not so much the balance but the feeling of harmony it conveys, and this feeling is not glued to balance, it can be achieved in many other ways.  Once you discover this, your horizons open up and your vision expands, becoming pure. 

Photography, as any other art, is a personal experience, one that can be matched emotionally to others to convey a message.  In order to select the right photos for interior design and convey your vision, you must select the right photographer, that one person capable of being original and personal at the client’s level, an individual who can bring his personal experiences to the table and enrich someone else’s life.

Photos for interior design must present a new way of looking at the space, must make it personal, must make it unique, must make it meaningful.  When your vision is clear, you can build up on the client’s wishes and people will relate to your spaces.

Byron Jorjorian Photography is a company that specializes in photos for interior design.  Byron’s focus is on nature and its intimacy.  He envisions detail and how it relates to human life.  He loves the message of peace, harmony, life, happiness and love that nature provides, and is committed to delivering this message in a very personal way.

His images soothe and relax, provide strength and hope, bring us back to the earth and deliver peace.  This is why you can find them everywhere, from restaurants, hotels and corporations, to hospitals, magazines and books.  Byron Jorjorian, captures more than nature photos for interior design, he follows his vision to bring about decoration solutions that feed and inspire the soul.  He works closely with trade professionals to create special and unique projects, making their job easier by sharing his vision and understanding of how nature and photos for interior design combine. 

We also offer thousands of images in our galleries for you to purchase and use at your convenience, all of them certified for authenticity and signed by Byron, confirming their value and quality.

Feel free to contact us with your questions and comments, we will be very pleased to help you and eventually work with you to create not just gorgeous, but meaningful spaces that bring life, happiness and hope to its users